About us

This website and database has been set up by Gravesham Member of Parliament Adam Holloway and Gravesham Borough Council leader John Burden working with Gravesham Council, Parish Councils, voluntary organisations, the police and the emergency services.

We need as many people in the Borough to sign up so that we can link as many people as possible in the coming weeks and months – either to recieve help or to give it to older people, families in need, bereaved or vulnerable people.

We can get through this crisis together.

We’re planning to:

  • Connect every community group to share resources and support each other. If you’re a representative of a community group please sign up.
  • Help and support people in being good neighbours to each other. We’ll connect local people together and help and support them. Please sign up individually.
  • Put together a list of people ready to help out, so that we’re ready to take on any challenge this crisis poses.
  • Send timely information quickly to very large groups of people.

But we can only do this if as many people as possible sign up.

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